Daniel Ames (Stonehedge)

With nearly a decade of experience in blockchain management and development, Dan is our project founder and leader of our team. Dan has worked in Blockchain since 2014 when he was a member of the inaugural Dash core team. Since then, Dan has consulted on numerous blockchain projects, most recently building the blockchain enabled AI infrastructure at GNY.io. Dan lives in the UK.

Fabian and Dan first met while working on Dash in 2014 and have worked together on a variety of projects since then. Fabian is responsible for all technical development at Hemis. Fabian is a career technologist within and outside the blockchain industry with considerable experience as a backend developer and the former owner of one of the most popular masternode hosting services.

Fabian Olesen (TheExiledMonk)

Alastair Clark (Infernoman)

Alastair is a veteran blockchain developer specialising in QT, C++, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Alastair is responsible for the Hemis core wallet. Alastair has a special interest in mining and consensus mechanisms, having owned and operated several popular mining pools in the past. Alastair is from Canada.  

akcryptoguy is a security expert in blockchain, first arriving on blockchain in 2014 with a focus on testing and breaking systems. His expertise lies in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening systems against threats. His contributions have greatly enhanced the robustness and reliability of our blockchain codebase. akcryptoguy is from the USA.



Lex Lang (lezlaig) is an educator and innovation consultant by trade and a gamer (physical and digital) by lifelong commitment. He has a passion for exploring and utilising new technologies that can bring people together and in helping people to use them effectively. He brings years of experience in Blockchain developer communities, over a decade of experience in education and advisory work and a lifetime in games and gaming to the table. Lex is from the UK. 

TAFKAT is a long time colleague and friend of the Hemis team. TAFKAT is an experienced project administrator and treasurer, having acted in those capacities for several blockchain projects in the past. TAFKAT has a long track record of transparently managing blockchain project budgets and is responsible to the Hemis community for the accounting and audit of the Hemis dev fund until the DAO is active. TAFKAT is from the Netherlands.



Takosha was the former lead blockchain developer, designer and creator of the first two iterations of the Hemis probabilistic transactions codebase. Takosha tragically lost his life in 2023 due to a short illness. Takosha regularly spoke of wanting to create a legacy in both the blockchain industry and his home country of Zimbabwe. A tribute to Takosha is encoded into the Hemis genesis block in his honour. The Hemis project is dedicated to his memory.