Welcome to the Hemis Project

Hello and welcome to the Hemis Project!. Hemis is the culmination of a five year labor of love and frustration by a team of veteran blockchain developers. After years of contributing to others’ projects, we’re thrilled to present Hemis as our own legacy in the blockchain and gaming world.

Hemis at a Glance

The Hemis Project is a new layer 1 blockchain platform, uniquely designed to simplify the process of creating and playing games, especially those that involve elements of chance. What sets Hemis apart is its Gamesmaster network, ensuring transparency and decentralization in the gaming experience and the ability to create games of chance without having to write contract code.

The Blockchain Twist in Gaming

Hemis represents a significant shift in the gaming landscape. Blockchain gaming today is encumbered by a high barrier to entry in order to create new games. We’ve focused on keeping our tools accessible, platform agnostic and user-friendly, reflecting the universal appeal of classic, simple games.

Behind the Scenes: Technical Innovations

Our platform combines a unique layer 1 UTXO blockchain, drawing elements from Bitcoin, Dash, Pivx, and Litecoin combined with bespoke features unique to Hemis. Blockchain is an industry built by pioneers such as Satoshi Nakamoto and Evan Duffield. We pay tribute to those pioneers by building on their innovations. A second-layer network of Gamesmaster nodes plays a pivotal role in managing the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), ensuring the integrity of game outcomes and facilitating the payment of royalties when games are played.

A Community-Driven Approach

Central to the Hemis Project is our community-driven ethos. We are launching with a public airdrop and staking bonuses to promote a decentralized network and community-led governance. This approach is a testament to our commitment to building a platform that is of the community, for the community.

A Legacy in the Making

The Hemis Project isn’t just another blockchain platform – it’s a passion project by a team dedicated to leaving a lasting impact in the world of online gaming. As a team we have been part of many successes and failures in the blockchain industry and have watched as the industry struggles for mainstream credibility. We believe that building intuitive tools for simple, fun and rapid fire games is a use case that has the potential to gain mass adoption.

We invite you to join us as we try to create a space where technology enthusiasts and gamers alike can come together to develop and enjoy new gaming experiences.

Daniel Ames
Project Founder

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