Hemis Blockchain Launching January 15th 2024.

The team is delighted to announce that the Hemis blockchain will be launched on January 15th 2024. The launch process has been carefully designed to minimise risk of attack from bad actors while ensuring complete transparency

Key Points

• The Hemis blockchain will start with a 600 block phase of private PoW mining. From block 601, the blockchain will switch to Proof of Stake. We expect this phase to take about 10 hours.

• The private mining phase will be transparent and viewable using a block explorer that will be provided to the community on launch day.

• The private mining phase will be used to pre-mine tokens for the community airdrop, the dev fund for the first year and tokens for the founders who have funded the project to this point. The addresses containing these tokens will be shared with the community for monitoring.

• Once the blockchain is stable and secure, the Hemis wallet will be made open source and the airdrop will be executed, distributing tokens to all airdrop participants.

• There will be token bonuses for people who help secure the Hemis blockchain by using their tokens to stake. The more you support the chain, the more tokens you will earn.

• Once the majority of staking is in the hands of the community, the Hemis token will be listed on exchange for trading.

• Any tokens “earned” by the team during the private PoW and PoS phase will be added to the pool of tokens for the community airdrop. This is to prevent the team from benefitting from staking before the community can participate and to ensure that the core team do not have majority control of the blockchain.

Token Distribution

• A total of 1,900,000 tokens will be premined at launch.
• 1,900,000 tokens represents 6.33% of the maximum total supply.
• The remaining 28,100,000 tokens will be emitted smoothly over the following 10 year period with no block halving.

Risk Mitigation

• We will be performing final launch rehearsals on January 12th and 13th.
• In the unlikely event that the chain launch experiences problems, we will relaunch the chain from scratch, keeping the community informed as we do so.


We will be announcing the details and dates for the airdrop this week.

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