Launch Update – Sticky Blocks!

The Hemis blockchain has been 100% staked by the community for the previous 12 hours however block times are not steady and the chain is not moving as it should be.

This is caused by not enough mature staking inputs being active on the chain. This means that some blocks are being solved in one minute, and some are taking half an hour.

To resolve this, we ask the community to do the following:

1) If you are not staking, please stake!
2) If you are staking, please make the following change to your local wallet:

  • Open your wallet app.
  • Go to Settings > Options > Wallet.
  • Set Stake Split Threshold to 100.
  • Click SAVE

The Hemis blockchain requires 300 mature inputs online in order to be able to stake and mint new blocks. At the moment, we’re a little bit under that amount. Making this change will tell your wallet to break your inputs into smaller chunks, therefore leading the chain to move more smoothly.

In order to speed up this change, the core team will stake the chain for the next few hours to help blocks move along.

As always, any tokens earned by staking during this phase will be added into the airdrop fund for distribution to the community during the staking bonus phases.

When enough community members are staking with enough inputs, the block times will stabilise and rewards will start flowing as intended.

Thank you for your support!

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