Official Statement: Hemis Airdrop Disqualifications

Dear Hemis Community,

We want to talk about the recent Hemis Airdrop and why some entries were not included. Keeping our airdrop fair and earning your trust is very important to us. Unfortunately, we faced a challenge with fraud during the airdrop, affecting its fairness and security.

Our investigation found that the airdrop came under large scale attack from bad actors in Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia, and China, with other smaller attempts from different places. The fraudsters used sophisticated automation methods and fake or stolen credentials to try and sway the results.

To deal with this, we used a scoring system where entries were scored out of 100. If an entry was made from an IP subnet and device fingerprint that was also used by the fraudsters, the entry would have scored highly and therefore be disqualified. Unfortunately the fraudulent groups attempted to hide their entries among genuine participants in order to try to gain entry.

Here is a summary of the scoring for our airdrop participants, as you can see, the abuse levels were extremely high. For clarity, “recent” means reported to a blacklist within the last 7 days.

We realize that some genuine participants feel their entries were wrongly excluded. We want you to know that we didn’t make these decisions lightly. Our analysis was thorough, but we acknowledge the difficulty in separating false claims of legitimacy from the truth, striving to maintain fairness for everyone. We believe those unfairly excluded are few compared to the many fraudulent entries we identified and removed.

We spent a significant amount of time investigating the claims of individuals who were excluded and upon closer inspection have decided to stand by our decision to exclude them as it is not possible to separate them from the individuals who are falsely claiming legitimacy.

If you were affected, we’re truly sorry for any upset or trouble this caused. Please understand that our actions were all in the interest of fairness and the future well-being of the Hemis ecosystem. It is simply not acceptable to us to allow a small number of fraudsters to threaten the entire project by gaining enough tokens to manipulate our blockchain.

The Hemis Team

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