The New Hemis Testnet

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new testnet for the Hemis blockchain. This development marks a significant milestone in our journey towards releasing Gamemaster nodes and Probabilistic Transactions (PTX).

What is a Testnet?

A testnet, short for “test network,” is an essential tool in blockchain development. It’s a separate blockchain used by developers to test new features, updates, and functionalities under real-world conditions without affecting the main network. This allows for safe experimentation and debugging, ensuring that any potential issues are resolved before the software is deployed publicly.

Why are Testnets Important?

Testnets are crucial for multiple reasons:

  • Risk-Free Testing: They allow developers and users to interact with new features without risking actual tokens or assets.
  • Community Engagement: Testnets enable the community to get involved in the development process, providing feedback and identifying bugs.
  • Network Scaling: As features and user bases grow, testnets help ensure that the network can handle increased load and transactions without compromising performance.

The Role of Our New Testnet

The latest Hemis testnet is designed to support our roadmap. It will play a pivotal role in:

  • Testing Gamemaster Node Rollouts: Ensuring that our nodes operate seamlessly and effectively.
  • Enabling the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): Testing governance structures and voting mechanisms to empower our community.
  • Expanding Probabilistic (PTX) Transactions: Facilitating larger-scale testing of PTX transactions, which are crucial for implementing secure and efficient random number generation for blockchain transactions.

Additionally, this testnet serves an educational purpose. It provides a platform for community members to learn more about blockchain technology and interact with new features without the financial risks associated with testing with mainnet tokens. Future testnets will include:

  • Educational Workshops and Webinars: Periodic sessions to educate users about the capabilities and future of Hemis.
  • Community Challenges: Competitions and challenges that encourage users to test the network under gamified scenarios, enhancing community involvement.

How to Explore the Hemis Testnet

If you’re eager to catch a glimpse of the Hemis testnet, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Download the Latest Wallet Release: Visit our GitHub repository to download the most recent version of the Hemis wallet. Ensure you select the latest release that supports testnet functionality. You can find it here:
  2. Launch the Wallet in Testnet Mode: Once you have installed the wallet, start it up by clicking on the orange Hemis logo designated for testnet. This will connect you to the testnet environment where you can safely explore and interact with new features without impacting the mainnet.
The Hemis wallet testnet icon.

Get Involved in Future Testing

Looking ahead, we will be inviting the community to participate in specific test activities. These initiatives are vital for refining our features and ensuring robustness across our platform. Your involvement will directly contribute to the improvement and success of the Hemis blockchain.

Stand by for further announcements on how you can participate in these testing activities. Announcements relating to testnet will be made in the #testnet channel in the official Hemis Discord server.

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