Blockchain Launch Update #1

We’re delighted to announce that the Hemis blockchain is alive and well!

  • The genesis block was mined successfully
  • The premine executed according to specification and all tokens are accounted for.
  • The Proof of Work mining phase completed successully.
  • Block time is currently a little unstable but difficulty is adjusting and block time is stabilising according to the specification of 60 seconds.
  • The P2P network is healthy, with seed nodes located in diverse locations.
  • The block explorer is live
  • The blockchain is currently secured by staking with the dev fund. Any tokens generated by staking before the community have received their tokens will be added to the airdrop fund.

Token Transparency.

A Short Delay.

The original plan was to make the wallet open source this week. However during launch we identified six minor bugs that we would like to fix before release. We now expect to release the wallet and source code in week beginning 22 January 2024.

Next Steps

For a reminder on the launch process, please see this article. We are currently at step 4.

Airdrop Announcement & FOMO.

Due to the short delay in releasing the wallet, we do not plan to announce the airdrop until week begining 22 January 2024. We wanted to reassure the community that we will give everybody plenty of notice and time to participate. When we announce the airdrop there will be at least one week notice before the airdrop actually opens. It is of crucial important that as many people as possible participate so we have no intention of leaving anybody behind. If you are in our Discord or follow us on Twitter, you will not miss out!

A Proud Moment

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to TheExiledMonk, Infernoman, and AKCryptoGuy for their impeccable execution of our blockchain launch. Achieving a safe and flawless launch is a complex feat, and their efforts made it a reality. Additionally, my gratitude goes out to the entire Hemis team and our project backers. Your support has been crucial to the success of this project. Despite being an unpaid endeavor, faced with challenges of a global pandemic and personal hardships, the journey has been incredibly fulfilling. Seeing the chain go live is a proud moment.

Lets take this blank canvas and build something special together.

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