Hemis Airdrop Results

The Hemis airdrop ran from 16th February 2024 to to 23rd February 2024. The Hemis team thanks everybody who participated for what we consider a vote of confidence in our vision.

Successful Entries

951 people succesfully entered the Hemis Airdrop.

Successful participants came from 56 different countries with our largest groups of new community members in Nigeria, Poland, Netherlands and the USA. Welcome!

Token Allocation

At time of writing the total airdrop fund stands at 1,106,337 HMS which means that 368,779 HMS will be distributed in this phase of the airdrop, with the remaining balance being distributed in the form of staking bonuses in return for helping to decentralise our blockchain over the coming weeks.

This means that each airdrop recipient will receive 388 HMS tokens during the course of this week (week beginning 26th Feb 2024).

Please stand by for further announcements and guidance about what will happen and when.

Cyber Attacks & Fraud

As expected, the airdrop came under widespread and diverse cyber attack. Thankfully, our defences were adequate.

In addition to various brute force attacks on our infrastructure, we also detected large scale attempts at cheating including credential farming, use of botnets and various other methods of entering more than once.

In total, approximately 60% of entries were made by credential farmers, botnets or even just individuals running hundreds of copies of the wallet. In other recent airdrops, the cheating rate has typically been around 40% which indicates that Hemis was seen as a high priority target.

In order to protect ourselves from the expected cheating and attacks, we used a combination of third party services and machine learning models trained on device fingerprints, ISP blacklists, databases of devices and IP addresses that had recently engaged in fraud or airdrop/competition/promotion abuse. We also used datasets from other airdrops and pattern analysis to look for automation. Finally, in order to ensure that we had a complete data picture, we operated the airdrop with minimal entry requirements, allowing us to gather large datasets to use to identify patterns of abuse.

The Hemis team would like to thank the staff at IP Quality Score and Easy Promos for their professional and reactive help in protecting our airdrop.

Disqualification Decisions

We took the responsibility of deciding who to disqualify with grave seriousness and used the following standards:

  • Every single entry was individually scrutinised and judged on its merits, data and metadata. Line by line.
  • Nobody was disqualified for using a VPN.
  • Nobody was disqualified based on their ISP
  • Nobody was disqualified because of their nationality or country of origin.

In order to reach a decision, we used a scoring system that took all factors and data sources into account and awarded a score out of 100. Any entry that had a fraud risk score of 88/100 or above was disqualified.

In addition, we disqualified any entries where the same HMS address was submitted more than once in different entries. A small number of people submitted incorrect Hemis addresses. We attempted to contact these individuals and those who did not respond with a valid address were excluded.

In order to build confidence in our airdrop security we invited trusted community members to try to cheat and enter more than once. We are pleased to say that we had a 100% success rate in detecting these entries and that they were disqualified. However, it is inevitable that a small number of participants will have been disqualified through no fault of their own. To those people, we say this:

We understand that some of you may feel disappointed about missing out on the airdrop. It’s important to us that every member of our community knows that your presence and participation are highly valued. The Hemis project was conceived with the vision of creating inclusive opportunities for everyone involved. Missing this airdrop does not diminish your role or the potential benefits you can derive from being a part of our journey. We sincerely ask for your understanding and patience as we continue to build and expand the Hemis project. There are many more opportunities on the horizon, and we are excited about what we can achieve together. Your support and engagement are crucial to us, and we hope you’ll stay with us as we move forward.

Data Protection

Once the airdrop tokens have been distributed ALL airdrop data will be securely deleted so we no longer hold any personally identifiable information. We will announce this on Twitter and in Discord when the erasure is complete.

Next Steps

We now need a few days to ensure that all of our staking documentation is in order and to perform final tests on our token distribution script. Once this is complete, we will distribute the tokens and the community can begin the process of taking ownership of the blockchain. Once the chain is outside of core team control, we will announce the start of the staking bonus initiatives.

Dan / Stonehedge

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