Hemis Listing on Xeggex

We’re happy to announce that Hemis (HMS) tokens will be listed for trading on Xeggex on April 8th 2024.

The following pairs will be available.


Why Xeggex?

Xeggex provide:

– Transparency on listing fees
– Transparency on liquidity provision
– Transparency on market making
– A policy of not delisting projects if they go through periods of low volume.
– The opportunity for community members to operate a liquidity pool in order to help with market making and earn a share of fees.

Overall, after engaging with over 30 exchanges, we decided that Xeggex are the best fit for a new project like ours and offered the most transparency to our community.

We will be posting an article about our experience of looking for a trustworthy exchange listing partner in the coming weeks.

Support our Liquidity Fund!

If you do not already have a Xeggex account, please consider signing up using this referral link: https://xeggex.com?ref=65f9da933a018b415f3887dc

By using this link, the Hemis project will receive 50% of your trading fees, which we will use for adding extra liquidity and market making.

Is there a plan for future exchanges?

Yes. We engaged CLS Global to advise us on strategy to list on on larger exchanges in the future. We are taking this into consideration as we progress through our development plan and release our unique features over the coming months.

Thank you for your support.

Dan / Stonehedge

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