Update on Staking Bonus Promotions

We are updating our staking bonus promotion to ensure we align with our project plan. Here are the key changes:

Bonus Payment Adjustment:

The bonus payment ratio has been changed from 1:1 to 2:1. Now, for every stake, participants will receive the equivalent of two stakes as a bonus.

There will not be a second bonus phase, this 2:1 bonus rate will run until all airdrop tokens have been distributed to the community.

Reason for the Change:

The initial phase saw more participants engaging in cold staking than anticipated. Additionally, the airdrop fund grew to over 1.1 million tokens during launch, surpassing the original estimate of 800k. These factors led to a slower reward rate than planned.

Impact of the Change:

  • Increased Bonus Rate: The reward rate is now doubled to a 2:1 bonus.
  • Overall Rewards Unchanged: The total distribution of tokens will remain the same, with an accelerated rate of bonus distribution.
  • Duration: The new format staking bonus phase is expected to last for approximately 8 weeks, until the bonus fund is depleted.

We made these adjustments to align the reward distribution pace with our project plan and exchange listing plan.

If you have any questions about this change, please ask in our Discord.

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