Announcing the Release of Electrum Hemis: A Lightweight Wallet for the Hemis Ecosystem

We are excited to announce the release of Electrum Hemis, a new addition to the Hemis blockchain family. This lightweight wallet, adapted from the popular Electrum wallet originally developed for Bitcoin, is designed to meet the needs of users with limited hardware capabilities or those requiring faster synchronization times without compromising security.

What is Electrum Hemis?

Electrum Hemis operates as a light wallet, meaning it does not store the entire blockchain. Instead, it connects to a full node server, facilitating rapid synchronization while maintaining robust security measures. This makes it an excellent choice for everyday transactions and users who need quick and reliable access to their funds without the full blockchain download.

Why Choose Electrum Hemis?

The development of Electrum Hemis is a strategic step towards expanding the accessibility of the Hemis blockchain. While the Hemis Core wallet remains the go-to for more extensive features like staking, running Gamemasters, or participating in the DAO, Electrum Hemis is perfect for those who need a simpler solution. It is particularly useful for:

  • Users with less powerful hardware.
  • Those with slower internet connections.
  • Anyone needing quick, secure access to the Hemis network.

The new infrastructure of Electrum Hemis lays the groundwork for future developments, including support for hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger, and eventual compatibility with Android and iOS platforms. This marks a significant progression towards mobile-ready solutions that will support our forthcoming gaming features.


You can download Electrum Hemis here:

The Electrum Hemis wallet documentation can be found here:

For further support and questions, please join our Discord and a member of the team will be pleased to answer your questions.

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