Hemis Wallet Update: Enhancements and New Features in Our Latest Minor Release

We are pleased to announce a new minor release for the Hemis wallet, now available for download. This update, while optional, comes with several enhancements that we recommend our users to install to improve their overall experience and wallet performance.

What’s New in This Release?

Our development team has been hard at work making incremental improvements to the Hemis wallet. Here’s what you can expect in this minor release:

  • UI Improvements: We’ve addressed various colour scheme issues to enhance the visual appearance and usability of the wallet interface. These adjustments make navigation and operations smoother and more intuitive for all users.
  • BIP44 Fixes: This update includes important fixes related to BIP44 standards, laying the groundwork for future support of deterministic addresses. This enhancement is crucial for improving the security and efficiency of your transactions.
  • New Testnet: As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the functionality of our features, we have established a new testnet. This will assist in larger-scale testing and ensure that our wallet operates seamlessly across all user interactions. Details on how to participate and what this means for our users will be announced separately.
  • New Seednode in Africa: In response to feedback from our community in West Africa, we have added a new seednode in the region to improve performance. This node will significantly enhance the sync speeds and network stability for new wallet users, providing a smoother experience for our community members in this area.

Upgrading Your Wallet

While this is a minor release and upgrading is optional, we recommend that all users update their wallets to take advantage of these improvements.

We are committed to continuously improving the Hemis platform to meet the needs of our community. This wallet update is part of our broader effort to ensure a secure, efficient, and user-friendly environment for all our users.

Thank you for your continued support and happy transacting!

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